About Us

Los Angeles People’s Movement Assembly is a gathering of people to make decisions for collective action and power. We have been meeting since October 2022.


The assembly collectively answers:

  1.  What are the problems we face?
  2.  What are the solutions?
  3.  What are we going to do about it?

Our movements need collective action plans, governance, and infrastructure. We believe the following:

    • Social movements are rising in Los Angeles and beyond
    • We need autonomous, independent social movements with their own social and economic agendas
    • Multiple strategies and a diversity of tactics are more effective
    • Reforms are not enough, we need long-term vision and strategies for liberation
    • Leadership and power must be held by people who live and experience injustice

To learn more, we recommend reading the People’s Movement Assembly Organizing Handbook produced by Project South, to which we are indebted to.

Los Angeles People's Movement Assembly

1920 Hillhurst Avenue #V920
Los Angeles, California 90027
United States of America


(323) 539-7654